“TSFE- Wave Two” Draws on Mayer’s Jazzy Roots



Wave Two of John Mayer’s The Search For Everything dropped last week. The four new tracks seem to be more influenced by Mayer’s jazzier roots whereas Wave One relied more heavily on his soft, alternative pop side.

Wave Two is lyrically focused on one primary topic: heartbreak. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mayer detailed that Wave Two was written about a time of intense melancholy where he was dealing with his breakup from Katy Perry. “It was the only time in my life that sadness was like a lucid dream,” Mayer told Rolling Stone.

“Still Feel Like Your Man” is the first of the four tracks and perhaps the most jazzy of the four. There’s a definite R&B vibe to the song which features simple backing vocals, drums and guitar behind Mayer’s refrains. While the song is about how Mayer can’t seem to move on from his past relationship, the beat is uncannily upbeat, almost to the point of being danceable.

“Emoji of a Wave” feels more appropriately like a sad ballad with hints of hope sprinkled in. The lyrics encourage one to “just hold on” in the midst of the waves of sadness.

“Helpless” can be safely categorized as jazz rock or even funk and features backing female vocals which create a soft juxtaposition with Mayer’s own voice. It’s a groovy, vintage-inspired tune with minimalistic lyrics and embellished instrumentation.

“Roll it on Home” has country strains that fit the song’s title quite well. It’s the type of song you’d hear at a Midwestern or Southern bar. Mayer pictures it being played at a bar in Livingston, Montana specifically, according to his interview with Rolling Stone.

Check out The Search For Everything- Wave Two on Spotify here.


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