The Chainsmokers Tease New Album With Coldplay Collab


The Chainsmokers continue to impress mainstream listeners with their EDM-pop fusion releases. A track featuring vocals from Coldplay’s Chris Martin entitled “Something Just Like This” is the latest teaser single from the producer duo. Following the release of the song, The Chainsmokers informed fans via Twitter that they’d be releasing their debut album on April 7.

“Something Just Like This” plays heavily on Coldplay’s overwhelming, arena-style grandeur while mixing with The Chainsmoker’s EDM builds and drops. It’s the musical marriage we never knew we needed. The lyrics ruminate on the longing for a relationship not made of the fluffy romance novel stuff, but of simplicity and just a person to “turn to” when times are tough. The unembellished lyrics create a welcome contrast with the lofty beats and airy guitars. It’s relatability makes the track even more of an earworm in an age when top 40 pop features themes of amassing wealth or the over-the-top love songs from movies like “Fifty Shades Darker.”

The album will be called “Memories, Do Not Open.” According to the duo’s statement, the album will be much like the experience of returning to your childhood bedroom and rummaging through a box of knick knacks and memories after your parents have turned your room into a gym, office or craft room. This thought mirrors the cover art, which was released together with the statement.

Along with the new album, The Chainsmokers will embark on an arena tour this spring. Openers will include Kiiara and Emily Warren, the songwriter and female vocalist featured on “Paris.”

Check out the song on Spotify here.


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