Ex-Football Coach Charged With Eight Sexual Assault Offenses


Born to Marjorie Bennell and Alec Bennell, in Manchester of the United Kingdom in 1954, Barry Bennell is a former football scout and coach of Crewe Alexandra. He has been charged with eight sexual assault offenses against a boy under the age of 16 in 2016. Previously serving prison terms for abusing young players and children, Bennell is again at the center of a sexual abuse scandal.  

Criminal Record

Bennell once worked with the renowned Stoke City, Crew Alexandra, Manchester City and several other teams in the Midlands and northwest England as a freelancer. However, in 1994, during his football trip to Florida, he was found guilty of raping a British boy and was sentenced to four years.  Again, in 1998, Bennell was sentenced to nine long years for more than 20 offenses committed against six boys, while in England. All the sexual assault offenses for which Bennell has been charged are thought to have been perpetrated between 1981 and 1985.  

2016 Charges

On September 27 of 2016 various evidence had been submitted the Cheshire Police to the Crown Prosecution Service, regarding accusations against Bennell about previous, un-prosecuted sexual abuse against a child. After a thorough review of the evidence, in conformity with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, Bennell has been finally charged with almost eight counts of sexual abuse against a child. Among the eight assault charges, one count is the attempt to commit buggery, five allegations are of committing indecent assaults, and two counts are of provoking a boy of under age 14 to perform acts of repulsive indecency. Allowing all the rights to a fair trial, the Crown Prosecution Service continued the criminal proceedings against Bennell on 14 Dec., 2016.


What Crown Prosecution Has to Say

According to the Crown Prosecution Service, files have been submitted by the Cheshire Police, reporting the charges of sexual abuse against Bennell who once had connections with the Manchester City Football Club. The CPS refrained from making a statement before trial for fear of hindering the fair trial process. Considering the extreme media coverage that this case is getting, the CPS has asked everyone to maintain restraint.


With more than 20 former football player coming forward with allegations against several football coaches, the Football Association has now focused on taking strict actions if proven guilty, be it Bennell or any other coaches.


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