Album Review: “Future” by Future


Future released his fifth studio album on February 17, 2017.

Before we even get to the album “Future”, let’s talk about the fact that Future (the rapper) will be releasing an album exactly one week from the release date of this album. On Friday, Future will drop “HNDRXX.” That’s two hours of Future’s music for people to put up wi–, enjoy, I meant enjoy.

I’ll go ahead and get out the obligatory “this album is fine if you like Trap and want to hear an hour’s worth of run-of-the-mill Trap music.” That much is true. If you like Future’s style, repetitive beats, and tons of lyrics without the least bit of substance or variance, then this is the album for you.

For everybody else, here is a track by track breakdown:

“Rent Money” – C

Future has sex with women; female rappers! He might be talking about a certain female rapper who has his name tattooed on her hand. That’s all of the intrigue.

“Good Dope” – D

Future does good dope. Congratulations.

“Zoom” – C+

Money, drugs, girls, repeat. At the end of the song there’s a skit about younger rappers that Future doesn’t like. I’ll give him some points for that because I don’t like them either.

“Draco” – D

An uninteresting song about a gun (and women and drugs); the chorus includes the line “You ain’t never ever get your b**** back” repeated 5x.

“Super Trapper” – C

This is an inventive line. Click for details: “Yeah my left wrist cost a bird, I’m a Tropicana serve.”

“POA”- B

This one is kind of a banger; it’s got a catchy beat. I don’t love the auto tune effects (which are there throughout the album), but this track hits. I can’t lie.

“Mask Off” – B

A serious, low-key beat and a more introspective Future make for a good song.

“High Demand” – C-

Another attempt to be introspective that fails to be as impactful as the last track. The beat sounds pretty good though.

“Outta Time” – C-

This song is a solid “meh.”

“Scrape” – C

So this whole middle section of the album has much better production, but the actual content of the songs doesn’t really change. This song is all about cooking crack.

“I’m So Groovy” – D

Again, the chorus says it all:

“I’m so groovy/I got power/I’m so groovy/I got power/That’s your b****?/I just bought her/Oh that’s your b****/I just bought her/Percs and molly/Plain Jane/I just f***ed her face/I don’t know her name”

“Might As Well” – B+

This is just a good, heartfelt song. It covers Future’s early life including his history with drugs.

“Poppin’ Tags” – C

Future has money.

“Massage in my Room”

Future has money and girls: “I got 20 Freaks in my room.” Also, he has a real problem going after other people’s women.

“Flip” – B

Pure nostalgia; I like the Lil’ Flip references.

“When I was Broke” – C+

The sentiment, about a woman who stood by him, is genuine but the song itself is a little boring.

“Feds Did a Sweep” – B

This a tribute to a deceased friend of Future’s.


Overall the album is a solid C. There are a few catchy tracks and a few tracks on which Future gets personal. Most of the album, however, abounds with standard Trap beats and ridiculous boasting.

Maybe the next album will feature a different type of sound. Notably, there are guest appearances on the upcoming album; there were none on this one. Hopefully “HNDRXX” will be a slight departure from “Future.”


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