Hip-hop at the NBA All-Star Weekend


The NBA All-Star Weekend wrapped up on Sunday night bringing to a close three days of festivities in and around New Orleans’s Smoothie King Center. NBA All-Star Weekend typically features a few hip-hop artists participating in the official activities or at the very least watching the game. This year was no different.

Master P’s Wardrobe Malfunction 

So Master P didn’t actually have a wardrobe malfunction. The malfunction is that he’s pushing 50 and he’s not as svelte as he was when he founded No Limit Records in 1990s. In the above picture it appears that the NBA outfitted the 6’ 4” rapper with a size medium jersey. For shame. Master P was a good basketball player in his day: he earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Houston and he played in the CBA in 2004. Twitter didn’t care about any of that. Twitter has a short memory and all of the jokes. All of them.


DJ Khaled

 I feel like if there is a bar mitzvah popping off in New Orleans and DJ Khaled finds out about it he might roll through; he was everywhere this weekend. I’ll skip his many (minor) appearances and focus on the dunk contest. He assisted Deandre Jordan (shout to my Clippers) in what may have been the worst dunk contest in recent memory. Khaled turned out to be the beginning of a trend as two other dunk contest participants jumped over people. Those dunk attempts were still better than Aaron Gordon’s dunk off of an assist from a drone.

Maybe next year they’ll switch it up and the rappers will dunk (with trampolines or jet packs or whatever) and NBA players will assist them.

Jay-Z, Beyonce and the first family


Obligatory post about Beyonce right here, right now. Normally I would make fun of how much attention Beyonce gets, but over the weekend a journalist published ridiculous criticisms of the pop star. While I don’t like the intensity of the Beyhive’s praise or defense of Beyonce, I don’t actually have a problem with her and I definitely don’t think she or Adele fetishize pregnancy as this writer claims.

And more…

We also got appearances from Chance the Rapper…

…and Fat Joe and Remy Ma performed in New Orleans on Saturday night. Lil Wayne made an appearance in his hometown and Solange was seen with her sister and brother-in-law in the Big Easy during the day.

All-Star Weekend ended Sunday evening after The West beat The East in a high-scoring game. That’s the end of the official events. I’m sure the party is going to be going on for a while.


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