Years and Years


Years and Years are a British electronica trio founded in London. The band consists of current members Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy, and Emre Turkmen. Former members of the band are Noel Leeman and Olivier Subria. Their first debut album, “Communion”, released July 17, 2015, reached over 55,000 sells within its first week. I

Meeting online, the band formed in 2010 and Alexander was appointed head vocalist after Goldsworthy heard him sing in the shower. Originally there were five members apart of the band. Two members left in 2013.

Their music gets really personal–almost therapeutic. Musically they just want to make good music that they are proud of. No pressure, but each new album has to be able to top the one before. Can they top it? I think so! Their first album was phenomenal and now we wait to see what they lay down on the table next.

This band has dreams of making a music video on the moon, in 10 years to be exact. o with that being said, we need to be ready for what’s next!

Take a listen to Years and Years…and maybe more years to come!


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