Wild Child


Wild Child is an American indie pop band originating in Austin. Texas. The band includes members Kelsey Wilson (lead singer and violin), Alexander Beggins (lead singer and baritone ukulele), Sadie Wolfe (cello), Matt Bradshaw (keyboard and trumpet), and Tom Myers (drums). All members are managed by Pat Cassidy.

Wilson and Beggins met while touring as backup musicians and together they started writing songs together in the backseat of one of their tour vans. Both had recently ended their relationships, which then became the building block of their music. Beggins started playing the ukulele because it was easy enough to pass around the band. By the time the tour was over, Beggins and Walter wrote a numerous amount of songs and started creating an album together. They looked for other local musicians to join the band and that’s how they became, Wild Child.

The sound of their music is very organic. In an interview with Lianne Stokes, the band was asked what was so unique about their sound and style. Both Wilson and Beggins are both musicians, but neither of them are songwriters. That’s pretty interesting.  Teamwork does them both justice.

Life as a touring musician is pretty hard. It’s hard balancing traveling and a normal life, but for Wilson and Beggins it’s worth it.

Their album, “Fools”, released October 2, 2015, was praised by many critics. It’s an emotional album but shows the talent that the band has. They still have room for growth, but so far they are pretty good. Forming how they did, Wild Child has been pretty successful. Their music screams success.

Check out their album, Fools, it will not be a disappointment. Wild Child will never get old.


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