Wakey! Wakey!


Wakey Wakey is an adult alternative pop group consisting of Michael Grubbs, various talented violinists, cellists, bass players, and drummers, depending on where in the world they might be playing.

Michael Grubbs’ music career began at the age of 5. Early on Michael was influenced by the church music that he was forced to play as well as music composers like Brahms, Bach, and Beethoven.

Michael’s music break came when he met with Mark Schwahn. Schwahn is the head writer and executive producer of the drama series, One Tree hill. Michael got the opportunity to play for Schwahn at an open mic night in New York City.

Wakey Wakey is now signed with The Family Records releasing three of their records, “Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said the Last Time I Saw You….”, “Homeless Poets (2015)”, and “Overreactivity (2106)”.

His most recent album released in 2016, “Over Activist” gets really personal. It has been getting really strong reactions from his fans, though. Starting out as just an EP and then developing into a full album, it’s something to be pretty proud of. With this album, his goal was to capture the moment of life. Just like any other music artist, he is emotional. An overreactivity.

As a music artist, he is still being shaped. He is pretty amazing already, but he is still learning and growing. Being inspired my other music artists such as Sia and Katy Perry, Michael is about to change the world with his music.

His music is all about joy and hope. Take a listen.


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