Verite is an American pop-singer and songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. Her first single “Strange Enough” was self-released in July 2014. The week of its release, Verite became the number one Most Viral Twitter Artist. TIME describes her voice as being rich and ethereal. Her music is packed with crisp, delicate vocals and amazing melodies.

Verite was introduced to music at a very young age. Growing up in a musically talented home, she began performing at small local venues while in middle school. She grew up learning how to play the piano and she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in studio composition.

Verite translates to “truth” in French. In 2013 she started collaborating with Elliot Jacobson. He reached out to her on twitter. After a while of working together, Verite left her job in the food industry to work on her music full time. Verite herself describes her music as being very dark and streamlined. That is what she gravitates towards. Verite writes music based on human conditions.

As an upcoming music artist, she’s doing quite well for herself. Her music has been blowing up a lot lately! Her song “Somebody Else” has such a twist on it! It’s a pretty serious song, yet it makes you want to get up dance! Feel free to listen and follow Verite on her Soundcloud to hear all she’s working on.


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