Tuning in with Trevor Wesley


Trevor Wesley is a modern R&B and Pop singer and songwriter. Performing with major artists like Ne-Yo, Wale, 98 Degrees, and Joe Jonas, Wesley is going to make it far with his music career.

Wesley started singing and performing at a young age, simply because it was something that he loved to do. At that time, it was nothing to him, he just did it. His mother played lots of jazz music and his father was more on the rock side. Singing for a girl at school, Wesley then realized that music was for him.

What is his music exactly? It is all love. You can take that however you want. Wesley is all about the love. Love makes the world go round right?

Wesley is a pretty interesting person. The way he talks thinks and dresses says a lot about who he is. He has worked with many talented people. When Wesley performs he is all about having fun. That is his number one goal on stage. If he is having fun, that means the crowd is also having fun.

Wesley made a powerful tweet stating, “it ain’t about who’s better, it’s about who’s different!” What makes him different from any other music artist? He has a genuine passion for what he does.

Music is meant to make you feel something and that is exactly what Wesley’s music does. Music can transform a person’s soul. Wesley represents music that is true and real. Actor or singer, Wesley I say is pretty successful.

Check out his music and be sure to follow.


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