Sara Hartman


Sara Hartman is a music genius. Playing in a restaurant one day, she happened to be in front of the right person at the right time. After that night, when she received an opportunity to work with producer Toby Kuhn, Hartman immediately purchased a one-way ticket to Berlin to start her music career. Getting there, it was a culture shock, but Hartman learned how to quickly adapt. It was like a solo adventure.

Hartman’s vocals are pretty impressive. She is definitely the artist to watch for in these next few years. Her music brings on a lot of energy and positive vibes.  Her “Satellite” EP has already been placed on Spotify’s Young and Free playlist.

Harman’s music is pretty diverse. Everything about it is flawless and fast flowing. It’s on the edge and brings on a lot of life and soul. Lyrically speaking her words are powerful and are able to relate to someone else’s story.

Her future in music is bright. She definitely has a gift in music and writing. What comes out of her is incredible. Hartman is full of surprises! Be on the lookout for her.


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