Josh Garrels


From being a former skate punk who e sold drugs in high school to now being in the contemporary Christian music industry, Josh Garrels is coming up in the world. Garrels is a singer-songwriter, hip-hop producer, and orchestral folk composer from South Bend, Indiana. His music is a mix of traditional folk music with Christian elements.

His father was a music teacher and his sisters were avid music collectors. Music was like his second language. With a basement full of instruments his father would bring home, Garrels just started experimenting and that’s how it got to where he is today.

Garrels has released six albums so far: Over Oceans, Jacaranda, Lost Animals, Home, Love & War, and The Sea in Between, released in 2011. Coming to his faith in College, Garrels incorporates a lot of scripture and biblical text in his music.

Garrels is on fire with his faith. When making music, Garrels main focus is on smallness, craftsmanship, and the connection he is making with his fans. He believes that God made him for a reason, and he is living it. As a young child even though he did a series of rebellious things, he still believed that God had had a plan for him.

Garrels has a powerful voice and what comes out of his mouth sure is worth it. In the very beginning he didn’t really know what he was working towards, it was just a creative process. That process was quite successful and is still ongoing. God gave Garrels an extraordinary talent and the world is getting the opportunity to experience it with him.






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