Josef Salvat


Josef Salvat is an Australian Singer and songwriter who first gained success after releasing his first EP, when Sony chose his cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” for the promotion of their HD television screen. Salvat has appeared at many music festivals and has opened for music artists like Banks, for her Goddess Tour in November of 2104.

Today, Salvat still writes all his music on the piano. Without any formal training, Salvat grew up playing the piano and started writing music when he was 13. Then, he was really into classical music, ballet, and opera. His first song, written at the age of 13, was about his dying grandmother.

After the release of his first duet album in Feb., 2016, Salvat has been gaining a lot of the public’s attention. Salvat is openly bisexual and his songs are usually pronoun neutral, making it for everyone. That is what we like to hear.

What is Salvat’s music anyway? I mean according to him; genre doesn’t exist anymore. That’s right, it doesn’t exist. Salvat’s music is soulful yet sorrowful.

Salvat’s music style is like no other. Trying to compare him to another music artist is pretty challenging. Salvat is the true one of a kind. Yet, if you are a fan of Banks and Lorde, then you will love Salvat. If you love Sia, you’ll love him too.

Salvat just wants to write songs that appeal to people. It’s all about the fans and what makes them happy. Salvat is pretty talented! Check him out here.


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