Joel Anseft


Gaining exposure from is YouTube Channel, Joel Anseft is coming up in the music world pretty fast.

Anseft was influenced by music artists, Simon and Garfunkel, Bill Withers, Ben Gibbard, Bono, Chris Martin, and Damien Rice. His music is a mixture of pop and R&B, and the majority of his lyrics are folk influenced.

Where does his inspiration come from? Well, nature. Anseft enjoys spending a great deal of time outdoors and uses a lot of nature metaphors in his music. He is all about mixing and matching ideas. Joel’s writing process doesn’t ends until he’s found something he loves.

For him, there’s always a song on the drawing board. Pieces here and there soon come together for one or multiple songs. Anseft is always writing fill-in-the-blanks. He can’t help that he’s always working on something new.

In the beginning, he really didn’t see his music going anywhere. Receiving a guitar for is 13th birthday and taking lessons was all he thought it was going to be. At the time, he just wanted to have fun. Some of the songs he sang were his sister’s poems.

Anseft went to college in Pittsburgh to study history and dreamed of playing college basketball, working himself up to coach. After being cut from the basketball team, Anseft realized that music was for him.

Many of his songs are written from his own life experiences. Some are simply inspired by curiosity. Performing wise, he’s all about it. For Anseft, the stage is where all of the magic happens. He says that performing is an honor and it’s worth loving. There isn’t one part that he doesn’t like. Performing brings on potential and that is what he likes. The more potential there is, the more that happens.

From writing songs about mountains, to love and suffering, Joel Anseft’s music is pure and honest. He’s definitely worth listening to.





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