Jaymes Young | We Won’t


Jaymes Young’s “We Won’t” is all about emotions.

Here the two partners are recognizing their feelings even though they are not entirely clear. Their heart wants one thing but in their mind, they known that it’s not needed. Sometimes what the heart wants isn’t what it needs. No matter how much they try, they always end up in the same place. Hurt and confused.

In the beginning of the song, floating is used to describe the current state of their relationship. They are in an unstable area now with a desire to remain together and work the relationship out. Young’s heart is furious due to the feelings that he still has and he’s frustrated at not be able to break through the tension that there.

Now, there’s no moving past their feelings and Young is questioning if it’s really worth it. In the relationship, they are both confused about each other, and they know their relationship is not going to be long lasting. If they continue on like they are, someone will be badly hurt. Here, it’s implied that they need to start quickly preparing themselves for a heartbreak, it’s bound to happen soon.

In response, Phoebe is saying that their relationship is not what it used to be. Before it was fun and now it’s broken. The only reason she’s still holding on is because her heart won’t allow her to let go. Her mind is telling her to leave but her heart is saying otherwise. She’s at her breaking point now trying to make their relationship work. She ends their problem by ending the relationship even though her heart didn’t want her to let go.

Jaymes then ends by explaining how even if their relationship did continue on, it wouldn’t last long. With that being said, their love for each other is going to burn out and they both know it.

“We Won’t” is a very emotional, heartfelt song that a lot of people are able to relate to. The song makes you want to just sit back and listen to what is being said, maybe even cry. Give it a listen.




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