Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes


Billie Eilish and her breakthrough single, “Ocean Eyes” is making it big in the pop music world. Ocean Eyes is all about the comparisons between love and falling off a cliff. After posting the single on Sound Cloud, Eilish got the attention of popular music artist–she is quite incredible. Ocean Eyes has more than 2,000,000 streams on Spotify. All eyes right now are on her, because a new artist rarely makes a hit breakthrough without any help. Now that she’s standing on a solid foundation, there’s no telling what she is about to bring to the table next. We’re in for a bunch of surprises from this new artist.

Writing music for her, kind of just happened. A lot of people who listen to Eilish’s are well above her age, but it is not all about the age right? If they like it they like it and if they don’t, then they don’t. Eilish is making it pretty big for someone so young. She is being homeschooled and that helps a lot with her busy schedule. Being busy for her is quite alright because she loves doing what she does.

Ocean Eyes is a pretty deep song–lyrically wise for someone who was only 13. Her voice is pretty powerful and has a lot of soul. It’s simple but strong and meaningful. Her amazing voice is what makes her music what it is. You should really be following her talent. Her voice will truly blow you away.


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