Arum Rae


Going from socially awkward to ‘artist to watch’ is pretty admirable. Arum Rae is a singer and songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. She is originally from Colorado Springs. Growing up, Rae was not really allowed to listen to music as a child due to her parent’s beliefs, but after doing her first solo performance, she knew that music was for her.

Rae went to the Berklee School of music, majoring in music business. At the time, she was not even aware of what type of school it was, yet she started singing and fell in love. Since art school is so controversial, Rae went into the music business on a vocal scholarship in order to find herself.

She didn’t start writing her own music until her senior year. Starting out performing at open mic nights, Rae is the new artist to watch. Now she has people opening for her. Genre-wise, an actual categorization for her music doesn’t exist. Her creativity has gone to an entirely new level. Rae’s music is just described as vocals, guitars, and beats.  It’s pretty diverse.

Rae does not sound like anyone else. She hears on thing and then completely goes the opposite way. She plays by her own rules and makes music based on what people should be listening to.

Rae’s music is here to inspire.


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