“Jay-Z’s Girl” by Little Fun and Gnarly Davidson


As the Knowles-Carter household continues to come to grips with Beyonce’s defeat at the 59th Grammy Awards, they were blindsided when Gnarly Davidson aka Cee-Lo Green released “Jay-Z’s Girl.”

The song is a ballad to Beyonce performed by Little Fun (he’s the actor standing in for Cee-lo) and Gnarly Davidson. Little Fun pours out his heart for Beyonce in his bedroom which is covered in posters of the pop star. Fun is aware of the potential sticky situation he’s putting himself in; from the beginning of the song he acknowledges that Jay-Z is the man, “Jay-Z is the king and I’m probably his biggest fan.” The line shows that Fun means no disrespect; his feelings for Beyonce are beyond his control. Plus he admires Jay-Z; he makes references to his hat, Maybach and (repeatedly and strangely) to his lips. Ultimately it seems that Fun both covets Jay-Z’s girl and his swagger.

My only beef is that Little Fun (Gnarly) had to throw Solange under the bus. It’s a joke of a line (“She’s cute but it just won’t be the same with Solange), but doesn’t the other Knowles have enough to deal with already? She’s a talented musician who is constantly ignored in favor of her older sister. In fact, go listen to her album right now. NOW.

The song is a take on “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield, but I’m not old enough to remember when that came out. The new song reminds me of “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne, another classic (and derivative) tale of unrequited love. “Jay’Z’s Girl” requires more chutzpah to release, but “Stacy’s Mom” has a special, nostalgic place in my heart. What we really need to know is how Jay-Z and Beyonce feel about this. Only time will tell.

The video is currently trending on YouTube at #25.


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