D.R.A.M. continues the Hip-Hop and Puppets Trend


The Great 2017 Hip-Hop Puppet Revolution has begun. And it’s being televised. On YouTube.

For those who have not been paying attention to recent developments in hip-hop puppetry, allow me to explain. Last week Chance the Rapper released his video for “Same Drugs” which featured Chance and a puppet rapping and singing while sitting at a piano. In the same week Danny Brown and Paul White released their absurd video for “Accelerator” about a runaway brain. And then this week D.R.A.M. releases his video for “Cute” which features a D.R.A.M. puppet rapping alongside the real-life D.R.A.M. It’s a puppet bonanza. It isn’t, however, a completely new trend; for a history of hip-hop puppets check out L.A. Weekly.

Probably the best part of this video is D.R.A.M.’s excitement over finding a puppet that looks like him. I feel like most people would be a little creeped out to see their exact visage reproduced in puppet form, but not D.R.A.M.; he takes it in stride. Once they leave the store the brothers D.R.A.M. stroll down the road making eyes at all of the girls on the sidewalk. And of course the girls are into it; what woman doesn’t love a man with a puppet doppelganger?

“Cute” was the second single released off of D.R.A.M.’s debut album “Big Baby D.R.A.M.” in July of last year. The album received a Grammy nomination for the single “Broccoli.”


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