Trap Break: Omen’s “48 Laws”


For the love of all things not Trap, here is a new song by Omen titled “48 Laws.”

I had just listened to a new Trap song that will go unnamed and I needed to cleanse my palette. Thank god for Omen who brings a classic lyrical style (no sing-rapping, no ridiculous repetition) to a jazzy beat supplied by Donnie Trumpet (he probably regrets that name a bit these days). Omen provides a few minutes of solid rhymes without the nonsense. As he raps during the song, “Chi City Heart, I’m just being honest/Born poet, ni***, f*** a song, here’s a sonnet.” The song isn’t literally a sonnet, but the point is well-taken; there is a different level of craftsmanship on this song as compared to some of Omen’s contemporaries.

Omen is signed to Dreamville Records which has six artists in total, all of them making hip-hop (or R&B) that at least aims to be a little different. They are Ari Lennox, Bas, Cozz, Lute, Omen and J Cole. Omen’s debut album “Elephant Eyes” was released in 2015. “48 Laws” has not been reported as part of an upcoming project. Hopefully the MC will have an album on the way soon.


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