Run The Jewels crash NPR’s Tiny Desk


News of Run The Jewels appearance at NPR’s Tiny Desk Series took the nation by storm last week as fans took to YouTube and trawled for seconds, some even minutes, trying to find video footage. Well, fans of the hip-hop duo your search has come to an end. The video of RTJ’s Tiny Desk Concert has been released!

El-P gets the party started with a regrettable swig of E&J. The crowd loves it and the crowd loves RTJ, obviously. After that they launch into their set list: “Talk to Me”, “Legend Has It”, and “A Report to the Shareholders.” All of the songs are off of their recently released album “Run The Jewels 3.”

It’s not like I’m saying anything new here, but RTJ has great stage presence. They messed up a bit during their first song, but they rode the mistake and kept it moving. It’s not something everyone can do, but the immensely likable pair has turned into an almost infallible phenomenon. Everything they do kills, like when El-P flips off the crowd midway through a song or when Killer Mike insists on re-rapping, a cappella this time, some bars from the song he just finished performing. What’s clear is that these dudes really, truly enjoy making music. That feeling is contagious.

Run The Jewels 3 is out in all of the places you can get music. El-P said on Twitter that it’s fine if you stream it because he still gets paid, but it would be cool to buy it. These guys deserve it.


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