Jeevan ke safar mein rahen – Kishore – S D Burman – Dev Anand | Munimji (1955)


There are 2 versions of this song in this movie – the male and the female versions. I have chosen the male version.

Movie: This song appeared in 1955 romantic social drama Munimji (Accounts Assistant) directed by Subodh Mukherjee and produced by Shashadhar Mukherjee under the banner of S Mukherji Productions. The movie starred late Dev Anand, late Nalini Jaywant, late Pran, Amita, late Nirupa Roy, etc.

Roopa (Nalini Jaywant) lives with her widowed father Captain Suresh. She returns from abroad and is told to prepare to get married to her fiancé Ratan (Pran), the son of Suresh’s close friend. Roopa decides to return home in her jeep. Suresh’s Munimji, Amar (Dev Anand), has also brought Ratan’s car along. On the way, Roopa’s jeep sputters and stops moving. At that time, Amar reaches there in Ratan’s car. Roopa orders him to bring the jeep home after repairing. Miraculously, the jeep starts after she has left when Amar, who has now removed his disguise, turns the key.

Soon, Roopa finds that a handsome young man is driving her jeep. She gets involved in an accident with Ratan’s car. Amar stops the jeep and tells her to get into the jeep. Initially, she behaves pigheadedly. She asks where the Munimji is. He replies that he had pushed the older man away and taken charge of the jeep. Realizing that she has hurt her right arm, she relents and tells him to drive. Further on, Amar sings this song while driving the jeep.

Song: The music of this super hit song was composed by S D Burman and the lyrics were penned by Sahir Ludhyanvi.

The man says that travelers meet in the journey called life and separate, to move on. They give each other memories for them to suffer in loneliness. These people with the wealth of beauty (in short, the girl) do not listen to what the man’s heart says. He also says that such girls take away the hearts (of men like him) and ditch them.

Video: Cinematography is by Marshall Braganza.

The video opens with the jeep carrying the lead pair moving on undulating roads in the wilderness. Then, the lead pair is seen in a closer shot sitting in the jeep. It is clear that these shots are studio material because we can see the road projected on the background. It is not real. Nalini Jaywant is upset with Dev Anand because he has her in a corner.

Dev Anand teases her more. Some village women are seen running in front of the jeep and they scatter around. Dev Anand tries to lean on Nalini Jaywant. But, she pushes him away. Some girls are cycling just ahead on the road. One girl’s dupatta flies to cover the lead pair. Dev Anand continues the song. Nalini Jaywant removes the dupatta and he takes it away to throw it on the back seat.

He drives the car into a group of girls picnicking, scattering them as well. He leans on her as he negotiates a bend. She moves toward the dashboard and smiles. Her smile is hidden from him. The video ends with the end of the song. The cinematographer has to be congratulated for the fine videography though the medium is black and white.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Kishore Kumar and the onscreen performances are by Dev Anand and Nalini Jaywant.

Cultural Influence: The heroine is hurt so the hero insists that he drive the car. She gets ready to give him a lift and he teases her all the way. The song is completely filmi and does not have anything to do with reality. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable, if only for Kishore Kumar’s vocal gymnastics and Dev Anand’s antics.


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