Ces Cru drop two interconnected videos


Ces Cru has released back-to-back interconnected videos to promote their new album.

The first video, shown above, is for “Slave.” The video is basically a reimagining of the 1980s Michael Douglas classic “Falling Down.” Thankfully this version of the premise has less violence and the protagonist (played by one half of the Ces Cru duo Donnie “Godemis” King) manages to live throughout the entirety of the video, though he has a close call at the end when he is nearly hit by a car…


…which brings us to our next video for “Average Joe.” The car was driven by the eponymous Joe (played by the other Ces Cru member Mike “Ubiquitous” Viglione) who apologizes for nearly hitting Godemis from the last video. Then he drives to the grocery store where he works to square off in a battle with his coworker Paco for a middle-management promotion. Paco dances and dazzles as Joe toils away stocking shelves and chopping fish heads, only occasionally daydreaming about the attractive female shopper who is disgusted by him. Unsurprisingly Paco easily gets the promotion…and possibly the girl.

The video ends with Godemis’s character returning to the supermarket to buy a can of tea which is where the first video (“Slave”) begins. This throws off the whole space-time continuum and calls into question the veracity of the events experienced by our protagonists. I confess that I haven’t finished thinking about what the twist ending means. It’s not the kind of question that can be answered easily.

The two songs appear on Ces Cru’s latest offering “Catastrophic Event Specialists.” The album has five singles (three with videos) available on YouTube. You can sample the music here, stream it on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.


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