Kip Moore Releases Brand New Single “More Girls Like You”


Kip Moore is back with a brand new single off his third album. Just last week, he started sharing the song, “More Girls Like You,” and already it’s making waves in the country music industry. The song is a great summer anthem with its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics.

As is common with most of Moore’s previous releases, this song has a romantic feel to it. While Moore currently isn’t in a relationship, he is looking forward to one day finding the right girl to settle down with and start a family.

Since the song’s release, Moore has posted this on his website. “I’ve never been that guy looking for a relationship and solitude has never scared me,” said Moore.  “I’ve never bought into the societal pressure of following the A, B and C steps of life, but I still look forward to the family chapter.  This song is about meeting that someone you find so amazing inside and out, that you can only pray the kids you have together are just as amazing as she is. That’s the kind of woman I hope to end up with.”

The new single was co-written by Kip Moore, David Garcia, Josh Miller and Steven Olsen.

Moore last released a short album in 2015 after heavily touring his first, 2012 album, “Up All Night.” While his sophomore album, “Wild Ones,” didn’t fare as well as its predecessor, his fans seemed to like it. After its release, Moore decided to take some time off and recuperate from his heavy schedule.

Naturally, his fans and many in the country music industry are excited to see what he has to offer with this new album. To make things even more exciting, Moore produced the album on his own, which allowed him to be a little more creative with it.

He tells Rolling Stone that you can expect this album to be more “stylistically diverse than his soulful second album “Wild Ones” and breakout debut “Up All Night.” To kick off his return to country music, Moore will begin touring on March 3 in Plant City, FL, and continue the tour through the summer. Check out the full tour dates on his website.


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