The Hollywood elite are a bunch of bullies. Not only do they use their often undeserved platforms to spew their left-wing ideologies on their unsuspecting audiences, but they also ostracize any other celebrity who dares to either harbor alternate views or stay apolitical.

Last night’s Grammys proved once more that there is no such thing as escaping today’s politically charged climate through art as artists have assumed a role as political preachers of left-wing philosophy, whether you like it or not.

For example, host James Corden wasted no time in claiming that he feared for the future of America under President Trump’s leadership, while all but washed-up singer Jennifer Lopez attempted to rally her fellow artists to continue to speak out against this administration. Additionally, Paris Jackson spoke out against the Dakota pipeline.

Rapper Busta Rhymes took to the mic to rant about President Donald Trump and his executive order which restricts migrants from seven countries that had been previously determined by the Obama administration to be hotbeds of terrorism – unfairly and inaccurately labeled as the “Muslim ban.”

“I want to thank President Agent Orange your unsuccessful attempt at the Muslim ban,” Rhymes said. At the end of his performance, which included A Tribe Called Quest, the performers all held up their fists in the racist Black Panther gesture and chanted “Resist, resist.”

Johnny Stevens, member of the musical group Highly Suspect, wore a jacket on the red carpet that said “Impeach” across the back.

These are just some examples of the types of polarizing statements made at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards.

One would think that artists and performers who rely on fans to keep them relevant and wealthy would rather toe the line of politics than ostracize a portion of their fan base, but unfortunately, it seems that is not an option. In the highly intolerant world of the Hollywood left, artists who do not take a liberal stand risk the wrath of the Hollywood elitists.

Take for example Lady Gaga’s performance at this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, which was refreshingly apolitical for the most part despite her vocal liberal leanings. Sadly, for that, she was heavily criticized.  For instance, Variety TV critic Sonia Saraiya claimed that Gaga’s performance was “competent but disconnected” largely because she avoided “making a statement.” The Washington Post called into question Gaga’s “rebel” persona because she chose to “play it safe” at the halftime show.

Taylor Swift is another victim of this. Swift has stayed largely silent on President Donald Trump, prompting media outlets like the Daily Beast and Fusion to criticize her and demand and that she take a stand. Of course, it better be the right stand, lest she’ll be treated like a pariah.

But let’s face it, there is no shortage of leftists in Hollywood, so why does everyone need to jump on the left-wing bandwagon to be accepted in Hollywood? And for that matter, why in the world is it a requirement for artists and celebrities to declare their political allegiances? Are people truly such sheep that they need to get their political cues from artists and performers?

And heaven forbid celebrities actually reveal that they are not liberal or leftist.

When Tom Brady broke records with his impressive Super Bowl victory, the media focused instead on Brady’s friendship with Donald Trump. The Huffington Post dared to accuse Brady of “white privilege” and “dismissiveness” because he was caught with a pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker. The Nation declared that Brady’s friendship with Trump “matters” because it helps to legitimize Trump.

Nicole Kidman was practically burned at the stake for asserting that Americans should come to terms with Trump’s election and unite as a country under President Trump. She was later forced to clarify that her statement was not an endorsement of Trump but instead of “democracy and the American Constitution,” which is exactly what it sounded like, but not to the ears of the Hollywood left. And even if it was an endorsement of Trump, so what?

The irony of all this is that the Hollywood left has labeled Trump and his supporters as fascist, but Hollywood’s intolerance of those who do not subscribe to their ideologies are prime examples of fascism. Any celebrities who reveal more moderate ideologies, remain apolitical, or even encourage their colleagues to simply accept Trump’s presidency and give it a chance are largely blacklisted and silenced, or forced to apologize and conform to the dominant way of thinking. If these are not examples of bullying or fascism, what are?


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