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Inspiration: This song is a recently released single Sanware Ki Dhun produced by Rachelle Leocadio and Kary Arora and directed by Danny Leocadio under the banner of Kary Arora Productions. The video features Kary Arora.

Sanware Ki Dhun

Kary was inspired from the life of Lord Krishna and modern youth for this song. She says, “I have heard that many Gopis in their hearts married lord Krishna in His era. Girls are emotional when it comes to spiritual love. Even in today’s time but when such girls reach out in a search of love, what are her emotions? What are the obstacles? How far she can go and how deeply she can love? All these thoughts inspired me to make Sanware Ki Dhun song.”

Song: The music of this song was composed by Kary Arora and the lyrics were penned by Pooja under the audio banner of Spectral Records (Brazil).

Talking about the song, Kary says, “Some people say energy attracts the energies of like-minded people and I believe in that. I shared my thoughts with Pooja about wanting to do this kind of a song, she wrote these amazing lyrics and emailed them to me. I was uplifted that day to compose it. The very next few days I arranged the music myself on Ableton.”

The song is all about the girl looking for Lord Krishna, her Beloved. But, she does not find Him.

Video: Cinematography is by Danny Leocadio.

Kary Arora

The audio was released in 2013 on spectral records (Brazil) as single. She continues, “Record label owner Rachelle Leocadio wanted to do the video immediately but I wanted to build my production house first so I kept delaying it. Last year, I launched my production house in which we make videos/ads/films for corporates, independent artists, etc. So we had the right team to make this music video and release it this year.”

She adds, “The concept of this music video was to go with the flow of seeking the spiritual lover and I find lord Krishna makes sense for the same reason. The idea to show the search was to show the places roughly edited deliberately because when we are searching for something we find obstacles too. Love is not easy to find especially when you are a nomad soul.”

In the entire video, Kary is either seen moving about in a Bikini on the beach or in short dresses in the malls. Or the scene in the beach and the malls are shown without her.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Kary Arora and the onscreen performance is also by Kary Arora.

Cultural Influence: Some factions of the viewers have been asking questions regarding the dress code in the song since its release. Kary replies, “What’s wrong with a modern look and loving Krishna? How does a dress matters to Krishna? Aren’t we forgetting how Gopis in lakes looked like in Krishna’s era while Lord Krishna doing His raasleela? (smiles) The sculpture of Krishna in little India, Singapore is beautiful. We also wanted to showcase the traveler side of today’s generation like the lyrics say Gali gali firoon sanwara nazar nahi aye hai…. So we found Singapore’s beaches, malls etc perfect for it.”

The song is good. The video is watchable.


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