Logon na maro ise – Asha Bhonsle – R D Burman – Jaya Bhaduri | Anamika (1973)


Movie: This song appeared in the 1973 movie Anamika and was directed by Raghunath Jalani. This romantic suspense movie was produced by Tahir Hussain under the banner of T V Films. The movie starred late Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri, late Iftekar, late A K Hangal and Rajesh Bahl.

Devendra Dutt (Sanjeev Kumar) is a well-known writer and he hates women because he was ditched by a girl. One night, while he is returning from a meeting, he sees a young woman, being thrown out of a moving car. His uncle Shiv Prasad (A K Hangal) insists that they take her home to get her medical treatment. He is hesitant, but reluctantly agrees and they take her home.

The next day the young woman (Jaya Bhaduri) gets back to consciousness and says that she is married to Devendra. But, she did not seem to remember anything from her past. She does not even remember her name except the fact that she was Mrs. Dutt. Though everybody tries to convince her, she is stubborn and insists that the house where she is living at that moment is her home. Given her delicate condition, they decide that they would let her stay with them until someone comes looking for her. Since they do not know her name, they call her Anamika.

They advertise about her in a newspaper, but nobody comes forward to recognize her. In the meantime, Devendra slowly falls in love with her and secretly desires that nobody comes looking for her. On his uncle’s insistence, Devendra takes Anamika to Shimla on a holiday to further help her recover. It is here that she gets him into trouble with some other tourists. Then, she sings this song.

Song: Lyrics were written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the Music was composed by R D Burman.

The girl gets the man into trouble with some people and then sings this song saying that he is her beloved. It was due to some argument that she had told them a lie about him.

Video: Cinematographer is Munir Khan.

The video opens with Jaya Bhaduri complaining to a group of people that Sanjeev Kumar had misbehaved with her. When the crowd is about to start beating him, she begins this song. The people make snowballs and throw them at Jaya Bhaduri, who falls down. Sanjeev Kumar finds it funny. But, one ball hits him and he falls down, too.

Jaya Bhaduri and Sanjeev Kumar roll down the slope. It is snow wherever you see. It is very beautiful. Kudos to the cinematographer. Jaya Bhaduri and Sanjeev Kumar get up. He is on his knees and she is standing behind him. The crowd continues to throw snowballs. She begins to protect him. She suffers a few snowball shots and ducks so that one snowball hits him.

She turns to him and apologizes for complaining about him to the crowd. He gets up and tries to move away. But, she catches hold of his hand and slides along behind him. Again the crowd snowballs them. She rolls down for a longer distance. Soon, he joins her because a few snowballs hit him, too.

The people wave at them and move away. Jaya Bhaduri is still in the process of mollifying Sanjeev Kumar. He, finally, smiles at her. He lifts her up in his arms and she says that she worships him. He lets go of her and she falls down. She again asks, “Why is my beloved upset?” He moves away from her. She throws some snowballs on him.

He continues on and she follows him. The video ends with the song and a jeep reaching its destination.

Artists: Asha Bhonsle sings playback and Jaya Bhaduri performs the song. Sanjeev Kumar and others look on.

Cultural Influence: The heroine complains about the man to some people and they attack him. To avoid injury to him, she sings this song. The song is filmi but a good one. The artists are good too. The video is watchable for the same.


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