“Loose Canon, Vol.3”- Canon


Canon is known for his hyper energy and having such a hard bass in his music. Released on November 4, 2016, “Loose Canon, Vol.3,” is everything we can expect from him, if not more. He never seems to fail his fans. This album hits really hard and has lots of high energy. Some albums take you through the emotion of being happy and sad, but this album keeps you uplifted the whole time. The energy does not die until the last song is played. Some of the songs featured on the album do calm down a bit, but not in a sad way. It is very consistent.

Canon is one of the best Christian music rappers. His faith in God is really strong and you can tell through his music. In his music, he is both passionate and aggressive at the same time. Canon does a really good job of getting his messages across.

This is an album that you can enjoy listening to while being uplifted. All of Canon’s music is good, but this is the best album that he as released so far. It is not anything like Volume 1 or 2.  Even if you do not have a lot of faith, this is an album that you should still listen to. Hid messages are everything. It brings on a lot of joy. This is not it, though. “Loose Canon, Vol.3” is only a teaser. He has something bigger and better set up to release this year.


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