Paul White and Danny Brown team up again


Paul White and Danny Brown bless us with a new video for “Accelerator” in advance of a new EP by the same name that drops on February 10, 2017.

Let’s begin with the video. It’s your typical, run-of-the-mill video about a brain with a cockney accent and a drinking problem. Standard stuff, nothing to see here. Basically there’s a dude chasing around his brain which had apparently gone AWOL some time in the not-too-distant past. The dude is played by Ewan Macintosh aka Keith from “The Office” (The British Office). As Macintosh runs after his fleeing brain, innocent bystanders are understandably confused and terrified as the brain runs amok down city streets, in backyards of homes and inside of convenience stores. Eventually Macintosh corners his brain at a seedy brothel because where else would your brain be?

The visuals are a literal interpretation of the song’s hook: “Lost my mind and I’m going crazy.” Sung in Danny Brown’s signature screech, one can truly get the sense of what it’s like to lose your mind. The song was produced by Paul White. On the YouTube page White says “I tried to make this feel like a dirty rock ‘n’ roll record…” I think he succeeded. This is not White and Brown’s first time working together. They also collaborated on Brown’s records: 2011’s “XXX”, 2013’s “Old”, and 2016’s “Atrocity Exhibition.” Danny Brown has also appeared on a couple of White’s records as well.

The “Accelerator” EP is a four-track offering, two new songs plus their instrumental versions. The album is available for preorder at Paul White’s Bandcamp.


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