Mujhe gale se laga lo bahut udas hoon main – Asha/Rafi – Ravi – Nanda/Sunil Dutt | Aaj Aur Kal (1963)


This song appears twice in the movie in the solo and duet versions. I have chosen the duet version because that seems more appropriate.

Movie: This song appears in 1963 movie Aaj Aur Kal (Today and Tomorrow) directed and produced by Vasant Joglekar under the banner of Panchadeep Chitra. This movie starred late Sunil Dutt, late Nanda, Tanuja, late Ashok Kumar, late Deven Verma, etc.

King Balbir Singh (Ashok Kumar) from a princely state, Himmatpur is very finicky about everything. His stern behavior breaks down communications between him and all his 4 children. The eldest daughter Hemlata (Nanda) has partial paralysis of the lower limbs and due to medicines having no effect on her, is in depression. There is simmering discontent among the other kids as well, especially with Ashalata (Tanuja) and Rajendra (Deven Verma).

When several attempts at treating Hemlata failed, the king hires a new doctor Sanjay (Sunil Dutt), who is young, handsome and goes against silly protocols to bring laughter, fun and frolic in the palace. Dr. Sanjay helps bring joy and greater mobility to the youngsters giving them fresh lease of life with the much needed voice of rebellion. Sanjay brings Hemlata out of depression. Hemlata falls in love with him.

Sanjay, one day, takes her to a mountainous region for the fresh air on her wheelchair. It is here that he sings a motivating song and acts as if he is about to fall off the cliff, when Hemlata gets up from the wheelchair. Soon, Hemlata recovers completely. In the meantime, the kingdoms have been merged into a united India. But, the King’s ego still remains with him. When the time of the doctor’s payment comes, the King insults Sanjay and throws him out of the palace. This is because Sanjay had fallen in love with Hemlata and wanted to marry her.

The King meets Hemlata and tells her about his decision. She becomes sad and sings this song. Sanjay joins her in the song from the place he is staying at.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Ravi and the lyrics were penned by Sahir Ludhyanvi.

The girl is sad and has probably gone into depression because her father is against her marrying her beloved. But, her beloved the man still has a lot of hope and informs her as such.

Video: Cinematography is by Bal M Jogalekar.

The video opens with Nanda crying. The music has already started. Nanda falls down near a pillar in extreme sorrow. She is now shown sitting on a settee. Sunil Dutt is standing near the window of the quarters where he is staying. Nanda begins the song. Sunil Dutt can see Nanda sitting on the settee and singing the song, inside a picture frame.

Sunil Dutt begins to sing as well trying to give her some solace. He moves toward the balcony and continues the song. But, she continues with the song of depression. Suddenly, the video screen shows both of them in their own places but on either side of a partition in the screen. The video ends there.

Artists: The playback has been sung by Asha Bhonsle and Mohammad Rafi and onscreen performances are by Sunil Dutt and Nanda.

Cultural Influence: The hero is a doctor and the heroine is the patient. This is a completely filmi song traversing distances. She seems to be depressed because her father has not allowed her to marry the hero. But the hero is still hopeful. The theme is good and the song is melodious and meaningful. This video can be watched several times for the veteran actors and Asha-Rafi’s rendition of the song.


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