Murs’s ‘Survivor’ is a rap song with rap!


You might not have known you needed it, but you did. Murs has a new track out in advance of his album which comes out in March and it’s the craziest thing, he’s actually rapping on a rap song!

“Survivor” is the title of the new song and it starts out with a popular refrain from old guard hip-hop heads: “I like to scrub the floor with all of my opponents/Tell it how it is, take it how you want it/Sounds a little different than that radio rap, don’t it?” The thing about this lyric is that it just happens to be a shot at the younger generation. Murs has always been underground; it just so happens that now the mainstream is composed of rappers young enough to be his children. This influx of youth into hip-hop has made allies of the old underground artists (such as Murs) and the old mainstream artists. Older artists from both sides of the divide seem confused by mumble rap and rappers who sing. For fans who are equally confused Murs’s classic hip-hop lyricism offers you a respite from the evolving landscape of modern hip-hop.

That’s not to say that Murs sounds dated. His voice and flow sound as fresh as they did twenty years ago. Some of his references, on the other hand, might confuse the younger generation. He shouts out hip-hop legends Tupac, Cypress Hill and DJ Quik. For the youngsters he also names 21 Savage, but that’s less of a shout out and more of a chance for him to deride the newcomer for dancing on YouTube videos to pop rap.

No one should be surprised that Murs made a three minute track without a hook. He recently set the record for nonstop rapping. He rapped for twenty four hours straight, so rapping for three minutes is nothing.

His new album “Captain California” will be out March 10th. Preorder it here.


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