MUNA’s “About U”: An Album Review


Female trio MUNA’s debut full-length album dropped Feb. 3. The album which is entitled “About U” is a followup to the band’s 2016 effort, “Loudspeaker EP.”

The group teased the album’s release with three singles which were released at the end of 2016 and in early 2017. Aside from the three singles, “About U” features all four tracks from MUNA’s “Loudspeaker EP” and has a track list of 12 total songs.

“About U” draws influences from ’80s synths and the floaty guitars of the synth pop genre. The group consists of Kate Gavin, Naomi McPherson and Josette Maskin who self-recorded most of their records in Los Angeles and New York before being signed to RCA Records.

The album’s mood shifts from dark and somber to fun and upbeat but the overall theme stays consistent. “About U” is a rumination on love in all its forms and stages.

The album begins with a sparkly breakup song entitled “So Special,” which remains positive to the point you might not even realize its a breakup song unless you’re listening closely.

“Crying On The Bathroom Floor” explores an abusive relationship and the traumatic bonding that people stuck in those relationships experience.

“If U Love Me Now” both sonically and lyrically feels like a vintage prom night reflection. It’s soft and synth-y throughout and the singer repeats: “do you love me now?” after framing hypothetical situations to her lover.

“After” is perhaps one of the most rock-infused tracks on the album and equally where the album’s darkness meets its peak.

MUNA gives the concept of self-love a spotlight on “Loudspeaker,” which encourages celebrating, speaking out and standing up for oneself in relationships and life in general.

“I Know A Place” is the most political track on the album and suggests that “everyone lay down their weapons.” It’s a call to action for peace that could easily be applied to all of the fighting and disarray surrounding the current political climate in the United States. It’s danceable, celebratory and covered in glitter (probably).

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