Luke Bryan Impresses with Super Bowl National Anthem Performance


This year’s Super Bowl was filled with lots of amazing plays and wow moments. But, before we could get to all those great plays and crazy commercials, we had the pleasure of watching Luke Bryan perform the National Anthem. And, he didn’t disappoint.

His slow, country version of the song had everyone on their feet and the likes of Tom Brady singing along with him. He finished to cheers as a group of planes from the Air Force flew overhead. Unfortunately, with the stadium being closed, those at the game couldn’t enjoy this tradition, but it was filmed for those viewing at home.

Of course, not only did Luke Bryan sound great when he was singing, but he looked fantastic as well. He chose to dress casually for the performance, donning jeans, a graphic T and a black jacket. It was the perfect complement to the color guard stationed directly behind him as he sang.

To get ready for the performance, Luke told Rolling Stone that he pretty much practiced constantly. He said he would practice anywhere he could around the house, from the shower to the stairwell. All that practicing paid off well for him. As soon as his performance was over, Twitter erupted in praises for the country music singer and his slow and beautiful rendition of the song.

In a way, this performance completely redeemed Bryan from the gaffe in 2012 when he sang the National Anthem at the MLB All-Star Game. During that performance, he wasn’t quite certain of the words of the song and those watching noticed that he needed to read the lyrics off his hand.

But, with all that behind him, Luke performed wonderfully at Super Bowl LI and went on to support the Atlanta Falcons as they battled, and ultimately lost to, the New England Patriots. Naturally, Luke Bryan isn’t the first country music artist to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

Singers like Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill have gone before him. But, what’s certain is that Luke ranked near the top of the best performances by a country music star at the Super Bowl.

If you want to see the amazing performance one more time, here’s the video the NFL shared shortly after the performance.


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