Johnny Cash’s ‘Ragged Old Flag’ Featured in Super Bowl Ad


We saw plenty of great commercials during Super Bowl LI. But, one of the most powerful starred the late Johnny Cash’s ‘Ragged Old Flag’ recitation. It wound up being timely, beautiful, and extremely patriotic.

Fox uses the ad to point out the fact that there have been a lot of sacrifices made by the people of our country and for our freedom. Our flag is a symbol of those sacrifices, and it’s our duty to honor and cherish it.

While this may be a classic track from Johnny Cash, it’s still very relevant to us today. Fox hopes that the message Johnny Cash left behind for us will be one that will bring the country back together again. With the deep divide that is currently going on in the country, this seems difficult, but with continued messages like this one, it is always a possibility.

If you missed the commercial, you can watch it again in this video.

In a time of uncertainty with our country, it’s always important to hold onto the things that matter most. This commercial reminds us of this in the most special way possible. The story is simple, but Cash’s strong, distinct voice tells it in a way no one will ever forget.

While the flag of the United States may be tattered and torn, it still stands strong and proud against adversity. It’s that strength that Cash wanted to remind the people of the United States of during a time when the country was fighting among itself, much like it is today.

The creator of the ad took many of her creative cues from the recitation itself but did try to adapt it to make it a bit more relatable to her audience. Featured in the commercial were an African-American woman, Amitiyah Hyman, and her interaction with former Army special forces officer Nate Boyer.

It also includes former Marine, Kirstie Ennis, who was injured in a helicopter accident and lost her leg as well as Harry Belafonte and Simone Biles, who discuss the importance of the Constitution and the Flag at the beginning of the ad.


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