Family to Release Late Joey Feek’s Shelved Album


It’s been nearly a year since Joey Feek passed away, but her music is still changing the world. Now, her family and the Gaither Music Group are planning to release an album that was previously shelved. The new album, which is titled “If Not for You” will be available in April. It was originally recorded in 2005 when Feek was signed to Sony Records.

Unfortunately, just around the time Sony was preparing to release the album, some changes in management took place. After a few shuffles, the album was ultimately shelved and has remained there for over a decade. Since her death, Gaither Music Group worked with Sony to get the album released so that her fans could enjoy one last taste of her music.

Joey was known for her distinct sound and beautiful mixture of country and gospel songs.

The album will feature 12 songs that tell of Joey’s life, her family heritage and her small-town roots. It will be accompanied by a booklet filled with stories written by Joey, photos and memories that her husband has shared of her.

It will also include her song “That’s Important to Me,” which we first heard in 2010 from Joey + Rory’s second album. For some time, Rory has had his wife’s upcoming album on the couple’s website, but it wasn’t available for mass production. It had been the hope that it would be released before her death, but it wasn’t to be.

Joey passed away in March 2016 after a well-documented battle with cervical cancer. She left behind her husband and duet partner, Rory Feek, and her daughter Indiana, who has Down Syndrome. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer, not long after her daughter was born in June of 2014.

Her cancer treatment and ultimate death kept the world riveted for months as she and her husband kept up with their public appearances and posts to social media. Rory even kept an ongoing blog throughout the ordeal to keep fans and family updated on his wife’s deteriorating condition.


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