Alesso dropped his newest single “Falling” on Feb. 3. The song features uncredited female vocals and seemingly bottomless baselines. “Falling” follows Alesso’s snap-heavy, R&B influenced “Take My Breath Away.”

“Falling” is all about living in the moment and the vocalist reinforces this by repeating the refrain “right here, right now is all we need” throughout the track.

Alesso expertly mixed the vocals on “Falling” to create a fun distorted effect during instrumental breaks. The backbeats are stimulating, never boring but stay consistently deep for the duration of the song.

The Swedish house producer is set to begin his world tour Feb. 24 in Ecuador. He has a handful of U.S. dates scheduled, including several shows in Las Vegas and Miami. You can view a complete list of tour dates here.

Listen to “Falling” on Spotify here


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