“Blessings”- Lecrae ft. Ty Dolla Sign


Music artist, Ty Dolla Sign, is generally known as being a secular music artist. Music takes a twist when Christian rapper and music artist, Lecrae, features Ty on his most recent single, “Blessings.” The music that Ty creates focuses on a lot of social issues and the life of the youth.  Lecrae’s music focus is also on many social issues and also glorifies God while talking about the various issues. For Ty to collaborate with Lecrae was really surprising. To make it clear, Ty is a singer and not a rapper. His talented singing voice combined with Lecrae’s rapping made something that no other duo is able to create.

The release of “Blessings” give the perfect example of how Christians should still live life and work with those who are not Christian. “Blessings” appearing on secular music sites is causing a lot of discussions and controversy. Lecrae is not trying to cause any problems with the release of this single. Christians are called to be a witness to those who do not know the love of God, and that is all that he is doing. He is not in the wrong for featuring Ty on his single. The issues arise when people start including their own personal beliefs and views.

Lecrae has not released an album since his release of “Anomaly” in 2014. “Blessings” released on January 27, 2017, is a perfect start to his new and upcoming album. Lecrae’s music is the type of music for everyone whether they believe in a higher being or not. It is just music that everyone can appreciate. “Blessings” is about appreciating the small things that happen just like simple waking up and being alive. That is something that everyone should be happy about.


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