Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review


The Final Chapter of January…thank goodness 

In order to commemorate the ending of January, I figured I’d celebrate by watching something the month is really known for. An allegedly bad movie! Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the sixth in the series, is one that had gotten lots of hate from critics and was regarded as one of the worst movies of the new year so far.  It couldn’t be that bad could it? I was morbidly curious and had to find out for myself.  I mean, I like zombies and the concept of an evil umbrella corporation trying to take over everything seemed intriguing enough.  Milla Jovovich is a serviceable on screen persona. I even remember liking the first Resident Evil movie ten years ago although not remembering much from it.  Maybe it’s not that bad I thought.

Well, I was wrong. It is basically endless fight and action scenes. Milla gets herself into impossible life threatening situation after life threatening situation. She gets out of all of them with expert cunning and extraordinary fighting ability. There is a little more to the plot then that but it’s hard to make out from all the jump cut fight scenes. Thankfully, due to the expositional explanation at the beginning of the movie, the audience is brought up to date on all the events of the past Resident Evil if you were like me and missed every Resident Evil after the first one. Apparently the Umbrella Corporation, an evil mega corporation if you didn’t get the hint, released a virus out into the world so that they could usher in their own orchestrated apocalypse. The end goal is to hide away in the Hive, an underground fortress under Raccoon City, while they wait out the destruction of the world. After this has taken place, the corporation will restructure the remains of the planet in their image while they control it.  Oh yeah, the virus turns people into zombies.  They also make clones apparently and one of those clones is our protagonist, Alice. Alice is the clone of one of the dying owners of the corporation.  She also is infected with the virus and wants to save the planet from its deadly grip. This brings us to a race against time as Alice needs to get to the Hive so that she can find the antivirus and release it into the atmosphere, killing all the zombies.  I was unsure of exactly why Alice only had 48 hours to do this but I went with it.

I’ll have to admit, as much silliness as there was, I was fascinated by the story.  Resident Evil is a cool concept.  It’s the execution that brings it down.  First of all, there is a lot of mindless action that is edited poorly. Endless jump cut after jump cut just make your head hurt after a while. The sound always went to a shrill pitch anytime Alice was threatened by some undead creature which was ridiculous after a while.  A lot of times it is difficult to make out exactly what is going on.  There is also a subplot where a Mad Max Fury Road-like caravan is headed towards Raccoon City that did not make much sense.  The movie seems longer than it really is. It got to the point where I was just bored by all the gratuitous action.  Apparently, people must like this series; otherwise the movie wouldn’t get made. Hopefully this is the final chapter and it gets a proper reboot.  Unless you’re a diehard follower, you can skip this one as we look forward to hopefully better movies in February.

Grade : D


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