Hoosiers Respond to Executive Immigration Order


Over the weekend, Donald Trump signed an Executive Order placing a temporary halt on immigration from 7 predominantly Muslim countries. This order was understandably controversial, though it did not quite embody the full Muslim ban previously suggested by the then Candidate Trump. Protests erupted at major airports, and the President took sharp criticism from civil rights organizations, major CEOs, and politicians from both major parties.

The following Monday, multiple citizens of Indiana’s 5th district decided to show up at the office of their congressional representative, Congresswoman Susan Brooks, in order to get some insight as to her opinion on the order and her speculations about its impact on foreign relations, American business, and our nation’s humanitarian reputation. Unfortunately, Susan Brooks was in Washington D.C. that morning (as suspected), but they were met with listening ears by her District Director, Karen Glaser.

That morning, three main interests were brought to the congresswoman’s attention:

  • What is the Congresswoman going to do?
  • While her official statement was commended, the people want to feel her empathy beyond the policy.
  • No matter what the nature of the Order, the degree of its rashness, vagueness, and disorderly implementation is incredibly alarming.

Though Ms. Glaser did not have answers to all the questions and concerns expressed, she did take copious notes, and assured everyone that she would relay their appeals to the Congresswoman. Her only explicit response to questions turned out to be more of a vague prediction (but what else could be expected?): Going forward, Congresswoman Brooks is expected to investigate this Order and its repercussions, as there is still much mystery as to its proper implementation and intent. According to Ms. Glaser, this was the most traffic their office had ever seen, and, as it was only 10:30am, I expect the collective petition of all visitors that day left quite an impression.


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