Zindagi ik safar hai suhana – Kishore Kumar – Shankar-Jaikishan – Rajesh Khanna | Andaz (1971)


A small birdie told me that before this song was shot Hema Malini’s mother was apprehensive about her daughter moving on a fast motorbike for this song. Late Rajesh Khanna had to convince her about it. He promised her that her daughter would be returned to her the way she was before she would sit on the motorbike.

Movie: This song appears in 1971 social drama Andaz (Style) directed by Ramesh Sippy and produced by G P Sippy under the banner of Sippy Films. The movie starred late Shammi Kapoor, Hema Malini, late Rajesh Khanna and Simi Garewal. This hit movie was one of the important movies in the acting career of Hema Malini. This was Shammi Kapoor’s last movie as the leading man. This song has one of the best known Kishore Kumar yodels in Bollywood and was also featured in the Mira Nair movie Mississippi Masala.

The success of the film was attributed to the 1970s’ Rajesh Khanna mania. Though he was seen for just 15 minutes and was still responsible for creating several ripples at the box office. At the same time, Shammi Kapoor’s performance was much appreciated and his character is considered to be one of the unusual roles in his career.

The story of the movie goes thus. Sheetal (Hema Malini) is devastated when her husband Raj (Rajesh Khanna) dies. She is left with a son and teaches in a school. While taking care of her son, she remembers that Raj had sung this song for her.

The song appears as a flashback.

Song: The songs of this movie were some of the last composed by Shankar-Jaikishan as a pair. Jaikishan expired of liver cirrhosis in 1971 at the age of 42. This was the last song Jaikishan recorded before his death. The lyrics are by late Hasrat Jaipuri.

The gist of this song is: Life is a beautiful journey. We may live for a long time or die soon. Bad or good can happen to us. That is a different matter. But we have to live a life with a positive outlook.

Video: Cinematography by K Vaikunth.

The video opens with a motorbike being rapidly driven by Rajesh Khanna. The scenery of mountain and garden is very beautiful. The roads undulate like snakes. The color of the sky is dark blue and white. It complements the dresses of the pair of actors, road, the scenery and the motorbike.

The way Rajesh Khanna is running the motorbike, it feels very thrilling. After knowing that Hema Malini herself was afraid to sit behind Rajesh Khanna on the rapidly moving motorbike, makes it more thrilling to watch.

He performs different stunts on the motorbike. Though the video begins with him running the motorbike in a desolate area, eventually he comes to a road with traffic. While going on the motorbike Hema Malini wears trousers. When they reach Marine Drive, she is wearing churidar salwar kameez. We can assume that they meet each other in different dresses on different days.

I began my career in journalism with a chemical industry journal. I used to freelance for some newspapers at that time as well. The newspaper articles would be about Bollywood. Once a colleague told me that, now-a-days, in each song the actors change their dresses several times. It is so illogical. I did not know what to reply. The movie makers of cinema us such cinematic liberty and we accept it. I feel that this is a very trivial matter as such. There are more serious things in cinema that need to be criticized.

From Marine Drive, they go to Gate Way of India. Then they land on Chowpatty beach. She is again wearing the same dress she had worn in the beginning of the video. Personally, I feel that there is something wrong with the cut of the dress she is wearing. The dress designers should make sure that these dresses should go with the personality of the actors. Otherwise, they look odd.

Artists: The playback is sung by Kishore Kumar and Rajesh Khanna lip-syncs to the song. Hema Malini is also present in the song.

Cultural Influence: This typically filmi song can be watched for entertainment purpose for passing time. Otherwise, there is no cultural influence of the song as such.


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