Aye meri zoharzabein – Manna Dey – Ravi – Balraj Sahni | Waqt (1965)


This is an interesting romantic song happening between 2 mature people. It is not the usual puppy love songs like those between young people.

Movie: This song appears in 1965 flick Waqt (Time). It is a disaster drama produced by B R Chopra and directed by Yash Chopra under the banner of B R Films. The movie starred late Balraj Sahni, late Achala Sachdev, late Raaj Kumar, late Sunil Dutt, late Sadhana, Shashi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore, late Madan Puri, and late Rehman.

Waqt triggered off the series of films with the lost-and-found formula. This formula was originally seen in 1943 release Kismat starring late Ashok Kumar before this movie.

Lala Kedarnath (Balraj Sahni) has 3 sons, with the same birthday (different years). During their birthday celebrations, they meet a famous astrologer, who tells the Lala not to be proud of his achievements and not to be too optimistic about the future as fate plays an important role in life. Lala Kedarnath ignores the prediction and gets preoccupied with plans for an even wealthier future.

In the evening of the birthday celebration, the Lala sings this song for his wife Lakshmi (Achala Sachdev).

Song: The song was penned by Sahir Ludhianvi and the music was composed by Ravi Shankar Sharma (Ravi). The song is a mixture of Afghan and qawwali music.

The man praises his wife in so many words. Her beauty, her coyness, her attractiveness and the art of winning hearts that she has cannot be found elsewhere according to him. Her eyes are so beautiful that he does not want to go to heaven alone and for that matter, the earth is also in her eyes. Her sweet words with a smile can actually make him feel intoxicated.

Video: Cinematography is by Dharam Chopra.

The song opens inside Balraj Sahni’s spacious villa. Diwali lights and kandils (lanterns) have been used to decorate the house. Outside different crackers are being burst. The birthday is being celebrated like Diwali festive occasion. They have depicted it very well.

Gentlemen have gathered together and ladies also are present together in a separate place. Balraj Sahni’s friend jokes about him in front of his wife. But he does not take it seriously and makes it a celebratory moment to sing this song.

Balraj Sahni and Achala Sachdev are supposed to be older and married for quite a few years till then. But they seem young as ever. Balraj Sahni is sitting in one place but has been very emotive. Achala Sachdev feels shy and very expressive in the given small space.

Balraj Sahni was such a great and legendary actor that he could act so naturally and perform well in the song.

Artists: The playback has been given by Manna Dey and Balraj Sahni has lip-synced to it. Achala Sachdev and others look on.

Cultural Influence: During the time this movie was released, wherever there were middle-aged couples, they would definitely play this song during holidays. Even while watching it today, we feel good.


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