R3hab and VÉRITÉ Brew Up Some “Trouble”


R3hab and VÉRITÉ worked together to brew up a little “Trouble” this month. The single was released on Jan. 27.

Dutch producer and DJ Fadil El Ghoul, who goes by the moniker R3hab, is a master of remixes and dance floor dubstep, but he’s taken a more laid-back approach with his creation of “Trouble.”

VÉRITÉ shines particularly brightly on this track. She notably released an amped up cover of The 1975’s “Somebody Else” last year. Though, most of her original songs are a little darker and somber. On “Trouble,” VÉRITÉ finds the perfect balance between the sounds. The song has dark undertones but could still be categorized as a sensual club banger.

The lyrics are purposely simple and repetitive. They even play up the repetitive nature of the verses by repeating words in a handful of lines. Many lines follow the pattern of this one: “Just love me, love me, love me, love me when the lights go down.”

Verses are broken up by dulcet instrumental breaks. The track’s danceability factor isn’t that of the fist-pumping nature, but allows for a more subtle sway and hip shake. This is all credit to R3hab’s carefully themed subtleness that can be heard through all aspects of the song. He cleverly reminds us that not all EDM songs need to rely on the obvious sonic selections to get people dancing. A little subtlety can go a long way.

Listen to “Trouble” on Spotify here.


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