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There are very few new songs that I like. Among them is one from the Tamil movie Enthiran (2010).  This song has been dubbed in Hindi with the film. I like this song only for its tune. Its lyrics are nothing to write home about.

Movie: The movie has been dubbed in Hindi from Tamil. Robot is a hit science fiction movie directed by S Shankar and produced by Kalanidhi Maran under the banner of Sun Pictures. The movie starred Rajnikanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Danny Dengzongpa, Santhanam and Karunas.

Naman Ramachandran has quoted Rajinikanth, as saying the following regarding his experience of playing the character of Chitti, in the book Rajnikanth: The Definitive Biography, “I thought that playing Chitti the robot would be very difficult. He is a machine. His movements should not be like a human being’s. We had to draw a line. If I deviated even slightly, Shankar would point it out and say I was being too human. After 4-5 days of shooting, we found a rhythm.”

The story involves a scientist, Vaseekaran’s (Rajnikanth) struggle to control his creation a robot, Chitti (Rajnikanth again). Vasikaran upgrades the robot’s software for increasing his skill to understand and display human emotions. The project flops when the robot falls in love with the scientist’s girlfriend Sana (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) and is manipulated by a rival scientist Professor Bohra (Danny Dengzeongpa) into becoming homicidal. The movie bagged 2 Indian National Film Awards, 7 Vijay Awards, 3 Filmfare Awards and 2 Screen Awards. The sequel is expected to release this year.

Dr. Vaseekaran creates a complicated android robot named Chitti, with the help of his assistants Siva and Ravi to commission it to the Indian Army. He introduces Chitti at the robotics conference in Chennai. Then Chitti helps Sana cheat in her medical exams by rapidly reading her books. Sana is Vaseegaran’s girlfriend. Chitti also saves her from a group of thugs. Vaseegaran’s mentor, Professor Bohra secretly works on creating similar android robots for a terrorist organization, unsuccessfully till now.

Vaseekaran prepares Chitti for an evaluation by the Artificial Intelligence Research Development (AIRD) Institute, which is headed by Bohra. During the appraisal, Chitti is about to stab Vaseekaran, at Bohra’s command. This convinces the appraisal committee that the robot is a liability and cannot be used for military purposes. Vaseekaran’s attempt to prove Bohra wrong backfires, when he orders Chitti to rescue people from a burning building. Chitti saves most of them but brings a girl named Selvi out of the burning building naked, since she was bathing at that time. With the media thronging the place, she is captured on camera without clothes. She is ashamed of being seen by the whole world in the condition and runs away only to be hit and killed by a truck. Vaseekaran requests one month for modifying Chitti’s neural schema so that he would understand human behavior and emotions, to which Bohra agrees. Almost on to the deadline, Chitti becomes angry with Vaseekaran, proving to him that it can show emotions.

Chitti had read Sana’s textbooks during her exams. With that knowledge, it successfully helps Sana’s sister Lata deliver a child. Bohra congratulates Vaseekaran on the achievement and permits Chitti to pass the AIRD evaluation. Chitti builds up romantic feelings for Sana after she congratulates it by kissing it. When Vaseekaran and Sana realize it, Sana explains to it that they are just good friends. It is saddened by her rejection and deliberately flunks the evaluation by the Indian Army. Vaseekaran becomes furious and chops Chitti into pieces, which are then dumped into a landfill site.

One day, Sana and Vaseekaran go for an outing near the beach. Sana catches hold of a toddy gatherer and tells him to become her boyfriend for one day since Vaseekaran did not appear to care for her. In a few minutes, the man grabs her hand and is about to sexually assault her. Sana remembers Chitti and calls Vaseekaran to save her. He runs to where Sana is standing and shakes with fright when the man brings out a sickle from where it is hidden in his dress. Vaseekaran throws the sand in his eyes and he and Sana run away from there to escape the man. While running away from the place, they think that they are singing this song.

Song: The music of this song was composed by A. R. Rahman and the Hindi lyrics were written by Swanand Kirkire.

The movie has been dubbed and likewise this song. The lyricist Swanand Kirkire has picked up nonsense words to rhyme with each other. The actual meaning of the song is that the 2 are deeply in love and express their feelings to each other through the song in so many words.

Video: Cinematography by R Rathnavelu. Dance choreography is by Prabhu Deva-Raju-Sundaram-Dinesh-Remo Desouza-Shobi.

The shooting of this song has been done in mountainous areas in Brazil. Extra dancers dance in tribal dresses. A man brings his face within the space between the cattle horns on top of a lance, which is a symbol of this tribal community.

Rajnikant can’t dance well. Therefore, the choreographers give him very simple steps. To compliment that even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been given simple steps like the walk of peacock and other types of birds. She has also been given tribal dance steps. Otherwise, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a good dancer.

The background has blue-colored mountains and green trees. The grass is of light green color. These colors compliment the dress colors of Rajnikant, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and the other dancers. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is wearing one tribal dress each for a new location. Behind her, Rajnikanth and the dancers there are llamas.

Artists: The playback singers are Javed Ali and Chinmayi. Onscreen the performances are by Rajnikanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and other extra dancers.

Cultural Influence: The mountainous area, the tribal dresses and the dance look good. The movie was a hit. People see this movie many times. The song is not so well-written. But, this video is worth watching at least once.


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