John Mayer’s long anticipated The Search for Everything has finally been released. “Wave One” of his newest album consists of four chilled-out tracks.

The EP explores themes of change and love. The Search for Everything- Wave One includes songs, “Love on the Weekend,” “Changing,” “Moving On and Getting Over” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me.”

“Moving On and Getting Over” is a little reminiscent of Mayer’s jazzier tunes and relies on a soulful guitar throughout.

Lyrically, “Changing” is a simple but inspiring refrain in which Mayer recounts, “I am not done changing.”

“Love on the Weekend” lightheartedly celebrates the weekend from the perspective of a long distance couple who only gets to see each other at the end of each week.

Whistles and piano resound throughout “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” as Mayer’s vocals subtly layer the track with a thoughtfully sung monologue.

Some critics have been quick to point out that there isn’t necessarily a standout track on the EP and they might be true. But, together, the songs are a collection of quintessential coffeehouse tunes. The Search for Everything- Wave One is the type of EP that can be played in almost any setting and still fit the mood. It’s the type of EP that can be played on the drive home from work, while taking a relaxing bath, during dinner, while getting ready in the morning or winding down in the evening.

And for that reason, it isn’t exactly a downfall for the EP to not have a standout song. Mayer did an excellent job of crafting a body of work that can easily fit into the tiniest moments of our lives. That’s a pretty big accomplishment and something that can’t be said about most albums.

Take a listen to The Search for Everything on Spotify here.


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