MUNA’s “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” Explores Abusive Relationships


Female-powered trio MUNA released its latest single “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” just last week. The song was released in anticipation of the group’s new album, entitled “About U,” which is set to drop on February 3, 2017.

The single dabbles in 1980s pop synth sounds which, when combined with the lyrics, solidly place the song in the category of sad girl breakup pop. That’s what it may seem like at least on a surface level. But, the band explained the song’s true meaning in a Twitter status. “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” explores a woman’s thoughts while in an abusive relationship.

The women of MUNA said the song was inspired by a discussion on why people stay in abusive relationships and the mental/psychological implications that come with being stuck in a cycle of abuse. The woman in the song is struggling with the idea that she deserves better and whether or not she should leave her abuser and demand more from future relationships.

“We wrote Crying on the Bathroom Floor while we were reading and writing and thinking and talking about the concept of traumatic bonding,” the band wrote.

Traumatic bonding is when survivors of abusive relationships feel a powerful attachment to their abusers.

Sonically, MUNA relies heavily on airy guitars and vocal harmonies that are similar to those of sister group HAIM. The group consists of Kate Gavin, Naomi McPherson and Josette Maskin who self-recorded most of their records in Los Angeles and New York before being signed to RCA Records.

If you haven’t heard of MUNA, chances are you may have heard its single “Winterbreak,” which was released as part of the “Loudspeaker EP” in 2016. For a more upbeat track from its discography, check out “I Know Places,” another song from MUNA’s upcoming album.

Check out “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” here.


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