“Fire” Remixes by 3LAU


American DJ and producer 3LAU (Justin David Blau) recently released an EP of remixes for his song “Fire.” The original track features vocals from NÉONHÈART and co-production from Said The Sky. NÉONHÈART is an indie duo comprised of producer-songwriter HAOO and vocalist-songwriter Christiana O’Connor. Soft piano and guitar back up the feminine pop vocals in the original version before the chorus dips into synthetic scratches.

The remix EP contains three mixes from DJs including Paris Blohm, Might Not & Mike Agus and Price & Takis.

The Paris Blohm remix is perhaps a standout among the three. It plays off the already ebullient sounds in the original’s chorus but expands them to become an undertone for the entirety of the track.

Might Not & Mike Agus’ remix is the complete and total opposite of the Paris Blohm mix. Might Not and Agus slow down the song and provide more buildups and slow downs to create a contrast between each segment of the song.

The Price and Takis remix relies first on vocals and then on the dance-floor dubs you’d expect from a Skrillex song, making it a good addition to a Saturday night house party playlist.

The variety of the remixes makes this EP an excellent listen.

Check them out on Spotify here.



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