Abhi abhi thi dushmani – Lata Mangeshkar – Bappi Lahiri – Reena Roy | Zakhmee (1975)


Movie: This song appeared in 1975 romantic thriller Zakhmee (Injured/Wounded) produced by Tahir Husain and directed by Raja Thakur under the banner of T V Films. The movie starred late Sunil Dutt, Asha Parekh, Reena Roy, Rakesh Roshan, Tariq Khan, Imtiaz, late Johnny Walker, etc.

Before Anand (Sunil Dutt) can get married to Asha (Asha Parekh); he is arrested for allegedly murdering his business partner Mohan and imprisoned until his trial. Anand does not say anything in support of himself and thus his lawyer thinks that he had really killed his partner. Anand’s brothers Amar (Rakesh Roshan) and Pawan (Tariq Khan) do not believe that he could commit a homicide and kidnap Judge Ganguly’s (Iftekhar) only daughter Nisha (Reena Roy) to force him to release their brother. Nisha soon gets reconciled to the fact that she has been abducted for a good cause.

One day in confinement, Nisha is cutting some fruits to eat, when she cuts her finger. She cannot tolerate the pain and Amar immediately sucks off the blood. The next thing that we know is that she is singing this song.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Bappi Lahiri and the lyrics were penned by Gauhar Kanpuri.

The girl says that just then there was enmity between her and the 2 men. But now, they are friends. However, she is not interested in falling in love with anyone just as yet.

Video: Cinematography is by Munir Khan. Dance choreography is by Suresh Bhatt.

The video opens with Rakesh Roshan sucking the blood of Reena Roy’s finger. The music has already begun. She winks at him and he is stunned. She begins the song. She tries to run away with an apple. Tariq Khan comes in her way and she stops. Both the men pull her into the house and Tariq Khan bandages her injured finger. Rakesh Roshan is standing nearby.

She plays with the apple throwing it in the air. After a couple of throws, Rakesh Roshan catches it and throws it away. When the bandaging is done, she tries to leave. But, Rakesh Roshan catches hold of her hand. She jerks it off and continues the song. She performs some dance steps. She, then, tries to run away through the back door.

Rakesh Roshan gestures to Tariq to come along and follows her. Reena Roy is hiding in the bushes. Rakesh Roshan comes close to her and she jumps up to lean over him from behind. He again catches hold of her hand and pulls her toward the house, where she is being held. She jerks her hand and again tries to run away.

With Tariq Khan on one side and Rakesh Roshan on the other, she is trapped. Rakesh Roshan lifts her onto his shoulders and takes her back inside the house. Thus, the video ends.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and the onscreen performances are by Rakesh Roshan, Reena Roy and Tariq.

Cultural Influence: The heroine has been kidnapped by the hero and his brother. She sings this song when she is hurt and the brothers bandage her wound. This is a typically filmi situation and song. Any kidnapped person would not sing songs. The person would be either frightened or try to escape. The song is good and the singers are too. The video is watchable for the song and the artists.


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