Lupe’s ‘Drogas Light’ will be out in February


Despite controversy stemming from a freestyle released in December, Lupe Fiasco’s latest album will see the light of day on February 10, 2017.

Back in December Lupe Fiasco had a freestyle with an anti-Semitic line that ultimately got the song pulled from Soundcloud. After that debacle Lupe claimed that the incident was a sign from god and that he was retiring from music without releasing any of the music that he had been working on. Later, however, the album received a release date and it is currently available for pre-order on iTunes. Additionally, Lupe released two songs from the album on YouTube last week.

“Wild Child” was released on January 12, 2017. “Jump feat. Gizzle” was released on January 13, 2017. Both songs are available for purchase as singles on iTunes. “Jump” features a sample of the Gigi D’Agostino song “Bla Bla Bla.” Both songs have a pop sound that is a departure from Lupe’s last album “Tetsuo & Youth” which didn’t sound quite as mainstream as these first couple of tracks sound. That being said, it’s not as if Lupe has suddenly decided to adopt a trap style; he simply has released a couple songs that are a bit easier to nod your head to.

Of the two songs, I prefer “Jump”, but both songs have a good beat, catchy lyrics and a great sound; I just happen to not love the hook on “Wild Child.” Regardless, I’m looking forward to the album next month. The name of the album is “Drogas Light.” The album artwork features the Chinese character “光” (pronounced guang1) which means light. Drogas is Spanish for drugs. Perhaps a nod to illumination through drug use? We’ll leave the interpretation up to you.


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