Action Bronson cooks on “Late Night”


Somehow I just learned that Action Bronson goes on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”; what have I been doing with my life?

In Action Bronson’s latest appearance he shows Seth Meyers how to make a Black Truffle Burger. For those who don’t know, truffles are these fungi that we (meaning the human race) couldn’t figure out how to cultivate for a long time. We can grow them now, but it still isn’t easy. Because of that difficulty and because they go bad very quickly they’ve become a delicacy. Some people will tell you that they’re a delicacy because of the way they taste. Those people are liars.

Anyway Action Bronson smashes it as usual because he’s funny and un-ironic and he pronounces French food items correctly because he was actually a chef. Seth and Action crack open some wine and then Action takes us through the steps of how to make his Black Truffle Burger. Again, don’t waste your time or money. There are better things to spend your money on…

ACTION BRONSON HAS A COOKBOOK COMING OUT THIS YEAR!!! It was announced way back in March of 2016. I love cooking but I have never bought a cookbook (unless cocktail books count?). Guess when that’s going to change? I don’t even care if I have to pay $20 in shipping and handling to get the book over to China, it will be mine.

Action Bronson has been busy with his shows on the Vice TV network, his other TV appearances, his cookbook and I think I saw him at a Knicks game the other day. He has released a few songs over the last year, but two projects named “Blue Chips 7000” and “Human Highlight Reel”, have yet to be officially announced. With any luck we’ll get an album and a cookbook this year.


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