20th Anniversary Edition of “Sex Style”


The 20th anniversary edition of Kool Keith’s “Sex Style” will be released on February 17, 2017.

We can pretty much sum up the album’s tone with the opening line from the eponymous second track: “You want freestyle, that’s right, the style’s free/Ni**** suck my d*** and they girls drink my pee.” So that’s the subject matter. Kool Keith called his vocal styling on the album pornocore (he says it like within the first 15 bars of the first song). In that sense the album is surprisingly consistent: all of the songs are sexually related, some more disgusting than others, but all of them humorous in their own way. And despite the illicit content, the album still has plenty of the standard-issue Kool Keith weirdness, mixed metaphors and crazy analogies and allegories.

Of course if the album had been made by anybody else (except for Ol’ Dirty Bastard) it would have been considered weird, but this is Kool Keith. The album he released before this (the classic “Dr. Octagonecologyst”) was a concept album about an alien that travels to earth and inhabits the body of a gynecologist. So I would say “Sex Styles” is par for the (Kool Keith) course.

According to Underground Hip-Hop, Kool Keith is at his best when teamed with KutMasta Kurt. KutMasta worked on Kool Keith’s aforementioned debut solo album, so you’ll hear no disagreement from me. Anyway, the 20th anniversary edition features an instrumental bonus disc so that you can listen to KutMasta Kurt’s excellent production and avoid listening to Kool Keith’s perverted lyrics if you find them objectionable. Nobody will blame you.

Kool Keith is still active in the hip-hop game by the way. He released two albums in 2016, “Tashan Dorsett – The Preacher” and “Feature Magnetic.”


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